Debut Novella Coming Soon!

Good news time!! My debut novella “Forest Underground” will be published by The Sinister Horror Company! I’m pleased as punch to be joining the stable of fine authors at Sinister! “Forest Underground” is a work of dark fiction with grim fairy tale elements and a kiss of the macabre- I […]

Dark Designs available now on Amazon

IT’S ALIVE!!! On Amazon! You can read my insane story, “Wolfencorn,” along with stories from 15 other killer authors in “Dark Designs.” All proceeds from this anthology benefit Doctors Without Borders. It’s for a great cause and it’s only 99cents!  

Little Gus

Rabbits make themselves low and eat clover, as the swishing blades rush by their heads. The scythe-men have no tender hearts for terrified hares. They keep a clean path to the temple through the yard. No sweat swims their eyes, no daydreams dull their chop. The master cracks no whip, […]


If he still had his tongue, he would have called out her name. But he didn’t have his tongue, because she was chewing on it. It wasn’t nearly as tough or rubbery as movies and novels claimed it would be. It didn’t even need to be cooked, not that she […]

Little Death

Tapping out beats on the spine calculating the risks of a little nip to the neck, flattens you down to the basest desires, slipping into the cervical cave, tracing your pulse, stroking your pain, she licks at your heart, little death, yet again.